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Web Application Penetration Testing: Why It’s Necessary for Organizations

Web Application Penetration Testing: Why It’s Necessary for Organizations

Web Application Penetration Testing: Why It’s Necessary for Organizations

Web Application Penetration Testing: Why It’s Necessary for Organizations

The integration of web and mobile applications for businesses has provided numerous benefits, but it has also emphasized the heavy reliance and the exposure to cyber risks and threats.

The modern industrial environment has been enriched by the incorporation of technological tools and solutions that have enabled organizations to conduct their business operations in a more efficient and effective manner, as well as utilize the benefits of the global presence that the internet provides. The modern business environment is characterized by businesses aiming at expanding their presence whether it being physically, or through web applications and social media platforms.

Web applications have revolutionized the methods that organizations conduct business by providing innovative solutions to banking methods, shopping, and communication. Due to businesses shifting their operations online, there has been a significant increase in the cases of cybercriminals aiming to exploit the vulnerabilities of web applications. The importance of web applications for businesses has incentivized a growing demand for web application security professionals.

Why Do Organizations Require Web Application Penetration Testing?

The web applications that we utilize on a daily basis have significantly advanced and so have the majority of web technologies. Because of the massive dependence on web applications that businesses have placed, the security issues related to web applications have also risen. The recent years have exemplified a significant increase in cases where organizations fall victim to cyber-attacks, this is why organizations have been willing to amplify their efforts in securing their web applications.

Web Application Penetration Testing refers to a type of purposely simulated ethical hacking engagement that is conducted with the purpose of assessing the security of web applications. Through simulating a cyber-attack on a web application, an organization is able to conduct a security assessment that detects any potential vulnerability which may be exploited by cyber-attackers, test for the effectiveness of the security measures in place, and determine the potential route that a cyber-attack could undertake.


Web Application Penetration Testing Projections

Web application penetration testing has become a necessity for business organizations operating on web
technologies. According to a study, the main factors that have contributed to the growth of the market for penetration testing are the significant increase in mobile-based business applications, as well as the sophistication of cyber-attacks. The studies have shown that the market for web application penetration testing is expected to reach $4.5 billion in 2025, in comparison to $1.7 billion in 2020.

The Demand for Professionals

The increase in the dependence on technology for business organizations has increased the security risks and threats that are associated with business web applications. Technological advancements have enabled organizations to use the features of collecting data and information for several purposes, but it is crucial that any data and information that is gathered are securely stored, and it is away from any potential risk or threat.

For business organizations operating on web applications, it has become essential to constantly increase the security of the applications that they operate on. The constant development of technological tools and capabilities has made it imperative for business organizations to attract the best-in-class professionals that will be able to professionally conduct web application penetration testing, and be able to assess the current security capabilities, as well as determine any potential vulnerabilities.

How Can You Become a Web Application Penetration Tester?

The spectrum of web application penetration testing is a relatively young one, and it is under constant development for both functional purposes, as well as to stay ahead of potential cyber risks and threats. A penetration testing professional conducts ethical hacking in a selected web application. Contrary to cyber-attackers, penetration testers request permission for conducting the hacking and aim at detecting the vulnerabilities of the web application so that the organization can work to improve them.

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