Integration Testing Services for A Global Certification Provider

The Client

The client in this case is a Canadian certification body that provides education and certification under ISO/IEC 17024 for individuals on a wide range of disciplines. Our client’s operative location is Montreal, Canada. Furthermore, our client helps professionals and organizations show competence and commitment by providing them with valuable education, evaluation, and certification against rigorous internationally recognized standards. Overall, the clients envision is to become the global benchmark for the provision of professional certification services, through providing their clients with comprehensive services that inspire continual improvement, trust, demonstrate recognition and beneficial for the society.


In the range of services that our client provides, the client was facing some challenges in ensuring the integration quality of the systems that they operate and provide for their customers. We were asked to perform Integration testing for ensuring the proper coordination between functions amongst several systems that our client utilizes, as well as testing whether the developed functionalities were properly integrating with the existing features. We utilized Integration Testing as a level of software testing where we combined and tested the individual units as a group to check their integration status. The reasoning behind conducing Integration Testing is to expose any potential fault between the interaction of the integrated units, this is done to avoid any errors that can occur when the integration of components or units is conducted.

The detected challenges were in relation to various factors such as platforms, database, or environment, these made the management of the Integration testing process complex, the integration of a new system requires a lot of testing effort and changes. Taking into consideration that the build development is condoned by multiple developers with different platforms, merging the components together required a special attention from CUNITECH’s Integration Testing professionals to ensure the seamless integration of the components of the system.

The Process

The client was searching for an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory that would be able to consistently deliver accurate and valid results for software testing services. CUNITECH was selected by our client based on the expertise that we have provided to our previous customers about the services that we provide regarding software testing.

The first step that we conducted was the process of understanding the architecture of the system that was going to be tested, next we proceeded to identify the modules and understand what the functionality of each module is to have a more detailed view of the components that we were working with. We then wanted to understand how the data transfer process between modules is performed, and through understanding the entry and exit point of the system we were able to comprehend how data is inputted and received in the system. We then proceeded to segregate the system to make it suitable for the testing requirements, and then the team identified and developed the test conditions that would help us with the test cases, and then we took one condition at a time and wrote down the test cases that would enable us to conduct the successful integration testing service, and ensure that the system was correctly processing the requests from the integrated components.  

Solutions Provided

CUNITECH has been recognized as a reliable Integration testing service provider due to the quality of services that we have provided to our clients. As a solution for our client, we assembled a dedicated testing team which was comprised of software testing experts which ensured that the integration of our client’s system components was successful and that it had meet the required standards. The solutions that our Integration Testing service provided for the clients are stated below:

  • The Integration Testing results ensured that the developed application was successfully working with the other components of the system.
  • CUNITECH’s test team examined the integration of the platform with the external systems through developing and executing comprehensive and complex test cases that would validate the data exchange across the integrated systems.
  • The testing process ensured that there were no defects from interfaces and links between components.
  • The necessary documentation conducted by our team which contained every step of the testing process was provided to our client for having a clear overview of the process that was undertaken.

Tools Used

  • Selenium
  • Rational Integration Tester
  • Cucumber
  • Protractor
  • Citrus

Key Benefits

Our client was satisfied with the service that we provided, the testing process addressed the separate aspects of the components after integration, it supported the libraries and modules and rectified the errors. Some of the other key benefits include:

  • With the help of the integration tests, we were able to detect clashes between the existing and new features.
  • Integration Testing allowed us to detect bugs faster and fix them in the earlier stage of software development.
  • It ensured faster development and integration of the system components.
  • We were able to improve the quality of the developed system and improve cost-effectiveness.


CUNITECH is a Canadian company with an American accredited software testing laboratory and a provider of innovative cybersecurity solutions and services. CUNITECH helps software development teams develop high-quality software more swiftly, and in accordance with quality assurance standards. As one of the first laboratories accredited under ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for performing software quality evaluation tests, CUNITECH assures its clients about the technical expertise that is provided and the capabilities of our laboratory to consistently deliver accurate and valid results. Our software testing services comprise everything from functionality to automation and performance that enable us to offer behavioral adherence and quality solutions. Moreover, CUNITECH offers a range of cybersecurity services that help our clients prevent and respond to evolving threats, including penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, social engineering, digital forensics, etc.

The testing setup takes a small amount of time, and we allocate the testing team in real-world practices to satisfy your specific testing needs. CUNITECH enables software teams to be more flexible, swifter, and faster. Our community of professional experts enables on-demand availability for our clients whenever testing is required and guarantees a wide range of coverage for testing purposes, as well as delivers the testing results that are valid and accurate.

CUNITECH is headquartered in 60 Charlotte Street, Saint John, NB E2L 2H9, Canada and provides a wide range of solutions for its clients which include Software Testing Services, Cybersecurity Solutions, and GDPR Compliance Services.


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