The modern industrial environment has been enriched by the integration of numerous technological tools and solutions, which have become an essential component of an organization’s overall performance and operational success. In addition to its many advantages, this technological dependence has also led to a significant number of cyber risks and threats, which have increased significantly over the last decade.

The growing number of cyber-attacks and cybercrimes has presented a real challenge to individuals, organizations, and governments. This has led to a growing demand for cybersecurity training and awareness programs to give individuals and organizations the tools and knowledge on how organizations of all sizes can protect themselves by developing training programs and promoting awareness and cyber hygiene.

The first line of defense against cyber risks and threats to an organization starts with each individual accessing shared organizational networks and systems, up to the most advanced security level. Given the many types of computer risks and threats and our dependence on modern technologies, one of the most important job skills you can acquire is the ability to respond appropriately to computer risks and threats.


One of the main reasons why organizations conduct cybersecurity awareness programs is to equip individuals with the capabilities needed to effectively manage cyber risks, build customer confidence and reduce the financial cost to your organization in the face of potential cyber-attacks. Several studies have indicated that nearly 90% of data breaches are preventable if the organization can implement training and awareness programs that educate each individual to properly manage computer risks and threats. Furthermore, the primary cause of data and security breaches is human error, so it is imperative that organizations train their employees to avoid and properly manage IT risks and threats.


Cyber security training has become a necessity for companies. According to one study, more than 95% of organizations conduct security awareness training to make employees alert and cautious about computer and cyber security issues. According to one study, more than 95% of organizations conduct security awareness training to make employees alert and cautious about computer and cybersecurity issues. Cybersecurity training in companies has increased by 90%, with 96% of respondents saying that cybersecurity training has increased the security level in their companies.

Recent research has indicated that the damage caused by cybercrime would cost $6 trillion globally, an increase of $4 trillion from 2019. The projected amount of cybersecurity investments by organizations worldwide is expected to reach $10 billion over the next decade, and this amount is more than likely to change due to the ever-changing dynamics of the cyber environment. With the increasing standardization of remote working, employees now have access to shared resources from remote locations, which in itself is a cybersecurity risk for the organization. Security experts emphasized the need for increased cybersecurity awareness training to ensure the security of the organization’s systems and networks.


The increase in the number of cyber risks and threats in the recent decade has enabled cybercriminals to sophisticate their attacks, which increases the complexity of their detection and management. This growing presence of cyber risks and threats has significantly elevated the business demand for IT and cybersecurity professionals.

It has become essential for organizations to continually increase their talent pool regarding cybersecurity. The constant development of technological tools and capabilities has made it imperative for business organizations to attract the best-in-class professionals who will implement and manage cybersecurity programs and further elevate their cybersecurity capabilities.

The original conception of cybersecurity capabilities was traditionally associated with an organization’s IT department. However, because of the access provided to individuals on shared organizational digital resources, everyone with access to sensitive business resources must undergo cybersecurity training to ensure that potential risks or threats do not result from negligent human error within the organization.


The spectrum of cybersecurity is a relatively young one that has continuously been in development and is far from concluding. According to several sources, cybersecurity skills and competencies will become one of the essential traits for the job market. Regardless of the technological expertise, it is essential that you develop cybersecurity awareness at a professional level and comprehend the fundamentals of cybersecurity so that you will avoid being a potential liability to a cyber-attack and eventually become a cybersecurity asset for your organization.

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