The Importance of Cybersecurity Management for Modern Organizations

The incorporation of technological tools, devices, and business solutions in the modern workplace, has helped organizations to elevate their performance, assess their internal capabilities, as well as extend the potential business reach. Technology has become a vital component for the success of an organization, so much that it has made it impossible to switch to the old brick-and-mortar methodologies. This technological dependence that businesses have placed on technology, apart from its many benefits, has also brought upon a substantial amount of cyber risks and threats, which if organizations do not develop management capabilities to deal with them, the damage could be devastating.

The increasing number of cyber-attacks and cybercrimes has presented a real challenge for individuals, organizations, and governments alike. This rise in cybercrimes has incentivized a growing demand for cybersecurity training and management programs for organizations to further elevate their security capabilities, and develop strategies and policies that will reflect upon the demands of the dynamic environment.

Why is Cybersecurity  Management Important for Organizations?

Cybersecurity management is the organizational capability to develop strategies and procedures for the purposes of protecting their digital resources, as well as protecting the competitive advantage in the ever-changing business environment. Several sources have indicated that organizations are able to prevent nearly 90 percent of data breaches if they are able to implement training and awareness programs, as well as strategies and procedures that reflect upon the desired security standards that the organization wishes to uphold. Regardless of the rise in the number of cyber-attacks, and their sophistication, sources have indicated that the main cause of data breaches in organizational systems or networks is human error. This is why it is imperative that organizations implement an adequate cybersecurity management strategy, and train every individual within the organization to be able to appropriately respond, avoid, and manage cyber risks and threats.

Cybersecurity Management Projections

Cybersecurity management has become one of the most essential competencies of business organizations regardless of the industry that they operate in. The rapid advancement of technological capabilities has also increased the interest of cyber-attackers to exploit industries that may not be as sufficient in dealing with cyber-attacks, as is the case with the number of data breaches in 2016 where 95 percent of the data and information that were breached were from 3 industries: technology, retail, and government. Cybercriminals have chosen to aim at those industries because of the amount of personal identifying information which they store in their systems.

A common misconception that was initially upheld was that small and medium businesses do not need a cybersecurity management program because cyber-attackers aim at larger-sized enterprises, this is more than wrong. The purpose of cyber-attackers is to detect vulnerabilities that they can exploit to gain access to the systems and networks of organization, this is quite easier to conduct in an SMB that has a limited budget on cybersecurity solutions, in comparison to large enterprises who have the capacity to spend a fortune on obtaining the best cybersecurity solutions in the market.

Recent researches have indicated that the cost of data breaches amongst SMBs is nearly $4 million, if it wasn’t already bad enough, the greater cost of data breaches is not always the financial cost, but the reputational cost which can be devastating for business organizations. A study conducted at the University of Maryland indicated that a cyber-attack occurs every 39 seconds, this is due to the utilization of non-secure passwords which make it easier for cyber-criminals to continue their deeds.


The Demand for Professionals 

The increase in the number of cyber risks and threats in the recent decade has enabled cybercriminals to further sophisticate their attacks, and increase the complexity of their detection and management by security professionals. This growing presence of cyber risks and threats has significantly elevated the business demand for cybersecurity and IT professionals which are able to provide their professional expertise in securing the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data and information.

Business organizations, in efforts to establish a secure operating network and system, have had to constantly aim at increase their range of expertise in regards to cybersecurity. The constant development of technological tools and capabilities has made it imperative for business organizations to attract the best-in-class professionals that will be able to implement and manage cybersecurity programs and strategies, and further elevate their cybersecurity capabilities.

There has been a significant increase in the efforts to bridge the cybersecurity skills gap amongst business organizations of all industries. Researchers have stated that by 2021 there will be over 4 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs. Considering the fact that cybercrimes are constantly on the rise, there will be a higher demand for cybersecurity professionals to adequately manage and develop strategies that will increase the cybersecurity capabilities of their organization.


How Can You Become a Cybersecurity Asset For Your Organization?

The cybersecurity spectrum is relatively new, and it has been constantly in development in efforts to meet the industrial demands. According to several sources, cybersecurity management skills and competencies will become one of the most essential traits for the job market. Regardless of the size of the organization that you operate on, cybersecurity management, and increasing cybersecurity awareness at a professional level is still one of the most complex and important elements of an organization.

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