User Acceptance Testing for An eLearning System Provider Company

The Client

In the process of providing our User Acceptance Testing services to our clients, we have been selected to perform User Acceptance Testing into the eLearning platform of our client. The client in this case is an online platform that provides eLearning course creation and other related services to its users. Our client’s headquarters are in Windermere, Florida, USA. Furthermore, the client’s platform provides a default tool for educators enabling anyone to create their own online course without the requirement of programming knowledge and allows the users to upload and customize those courses online. Overall, the client provides for its customers the opportunity to create online courses from various subjects and areas, as well as with the incorporation of third-party applications, allows its customers to bypass the issues of pulling from multiple sources across the web.


Our client was facing some challenges in ensuring the quality of the platform that they had developed and wanted to make sure that their platform can be deployed to their customers without any errors or faults. We were asked to perform User Acceptance testing as this process is often considered to be the most essential process in the software testing lifecycle. We utilized User Acceptance Testing to evaluate the quality of the platform, and if the developed platform meets the business requirements, and most importantly, it evaluates whether the platform that is provided works for the user. The reasoning behind conducing User Acceptance Testing is to ensure the utilization and stability of the platform, this is the most effective process in reducing both time and cost, and in the process increasing customer satisfaction.

The User Acceptance Testing process is often considered as the last process in the software development process, this process is conducted before the final release of the developed system. The aim of the process is to utilize the developed platform from an intended audience that will verify the correctness of the platform and record any detected defects before it is released.

The Process

We have been selected by our client based on the expertise that we have provided to our previous customers about the services that we provide regarding software testing. The client was searching for an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory that would be able to deliver accurate and valid results consistently for software testing services.

Initially, we started analyzing the product requirements for the testing process and defined the key deliverables, then we proceeded to selecting the time and form of the end-user testing. We then continued to assemble a User Acceptance Team and recruiting users. Then we proceeded to implement the tools for end-user testing and involved testers, we then created a user acceptance environment and started conducting the training so that the end-users can be acquainted to the testing process and its objectives. After we had developed the test cases and scenarios, we proceeded to run the tests with our end-users through providing them real or resembling data to avoid misconceptions. Finally we collected the derived output information, the Quality Assurance team analyzed it, we analyzed the percentage of the tests that had passed successfully, or if they had failed, we thoroughly checked the reasoning behind the occurrence. Additionally, we conducted interviews with users individually so that we would obtain a bigger insight about their perception of the testing process and the product itself, then when the criteria was met, we deemed the product to be ready for deployment. 

Solutions Provided

CUNITECH has been recognized as a reliable User Acceptance Testing service provider because of the quality of services that we provide to our clients. The testing team was comprised of a team dedicated expert testers along with the selection of end-users that would directly interact with the product, this ensured that the developed product has met the required standards on both sides. The solutions that our User Acceptance Testing services provided for the client are stated below:

  • Provided multiple tests varieties such as accessibility testing, content validation, browser compatibility, user journey testing, mobile compatibility.
  • Emphasized the importance of test management through developing the scenarios in collaboration with the users.
  • Enabled the business to conduct journey testing and test automation of repeatable user journey tests across multiple instances.

Tools Used

  • QC
  • JIRA

Key Benefits

The client was satisfied with the process that we conducted, because one of the benefits of User Acceptance Testing is that it outweighs the cost of the testing and it saves up to 30 percent of the total waste time. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Identified bugs that were left undetected during the Integration Testing process.
  • Validated whether the business requirements were met.
  • Identified the behavior of the developed platform as envisioned by the client or the end-user who utilizes the software.
  • Reduced the risks of detecting defects post-production.
  • Ensured that the developed platform is well functioning and has met that business requirements.

User Acceptance Testing is beneficial because it is performed to ensure that the developed platform is working correctly, the interface is user-friendly, and it resonates the objective of the testing which is to verify the operations of the platform and that the business requirements have been met.


CUNITECH is a Canadian company with an American accredited software testing laboratory and a provider of innovative cybersecurity solutions and services. CUNITECH helps software development teams develop high-quality software more swiftly, and in accordance with quality assurance standards. As one of the first laboratories accredited under ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for performing software quality evaluation tests, CUNITECH assures its clients about the technical expertise that is provided and the capabilities of our laboratory to consistently deliver accurate and valid results. Our software testing services comprise everything from functionality to automation and performance that enable us to offer behavioral adherence and quality solutions. Moreover, CUNITECH offers a range of cybersecurity services that help our clients prevent and respond to evolving threats, including penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, social engineering, digital forensics, etc.

The testing setup takes a small amount of time, and we allocate the testing team in real-world practices to satisfy your specific testing needs. CUNITECH enables software teams to be more flexible, swifter, and faster. Our community of professional experts enables on-demand availability for our clients whenever testing is required and guarantees a wide range of coverage for testing purposes, as well as delivers the testing results that are valid and accurate.

CUNITECH is headquartered in 60 Charlotte Street, Saint John, NB E2L 2H9, Canada and provides a wide range of solutions for its clients which include Software Testing Services, Cybersecurity Solutions, and GDPR Compliance Services.

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