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Information Technology Management and Its Role in The Modern Organizations

Information Technology Management and Its Role in The Modern Organizations

Information Technology Management and Its Role in The Modern Organizations

Information Technology Management and Its Role in The Modern Organizations

The rapid technological advancements have provided numerous novel methodologies and innovations for every industrial landscape, these have become a vital component for the overall performance, as well as the operational success of business organizations. Every industrial landscape has been affected in one way or the other by the massive incorporation of information technology. Technology has become one of the leading causes of many types of innovations which have been utilized by organizations to achieve a competitive edge in the market that they operate on.

Information Technology management refers to the organizational process of managing the information technology resources of an organization through reflecting upon the established priorities and the business requirements of the organization. The main purpose of information technology management is to enhance the value generation of an organization through the utilization of technological assets. The success from information technology utilization is achieved through closely aligning the technological resources with the business strategies of the organization.

Why do organizations require information technology management?

The evolution of Information Technology in the recent decades has emphasized the necessity for proper management of technological resources. Information Technology has been proven to be one of the vital reasons that organizations gain a competitive advantage, if they are utilized properly and to their full extent. The operational dependence on technology has made it imperative that organizations develop and maintain an adequate information technology management strategy that enables the organization to develop value through the utilization of technology, and properly maintain the IT related management activities.

Information Technology Management Projections

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States, the necessity for information technology managers is on the constant rise, and by 2029 is expected to increase 10 percent, or nearly 50,000 new jobs on a yearly basis. The computer systems design services industry is the industry considered to be the top for jobs in information technology management, the next industry that employs the most information technology management jobs is the computer programming industry. According to surveys conducted with individuals in the information technology sector, the employee turnover rate is just above 35 percent with the percentage of employee turnover in the first year being only 20 percent.

The Demand for Professionals 

For business organizations, it has become essential to constantly increase their talent pool in regards to information technology management. The constant development of technological tools and capabilities has made it imperative for business organizations to attract the best-in-class professionals that will be able to implement and manage information technology resources, utilize the resources for generating organizational value, as well as generate strategies and practices that will help the organization make the best out of their technological resources.

The job of an information technology manager resembles the project management job, though the main difference between the two is that project managers have an established timeline which has a beginning and an end, while information technology managers have to conduct a continuous development and maintenance of the strategies and practices related to information technology management. These responsibilities, combined with the fact that cyber risks and threats are on the constant rise, have increased the demand for professionals that will be able to assume the responsibilities of managing the technological resources of organizations to achieve the desired results.

How can you become a cybersecurity asset for your organization?

The subject of information technology management is continuously evolving, in alignment with the industrial technological advancements. Several sources have indicated that job positions for information technology management will have a significant rise in the next decade. Regardless of the technological capabilities of an organization, technological assets are one of the most important assets for a business organization, and without effective professionals to manage them, they will not provide the expected results.

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