Brochure: Certificate in Web Application Penetration Testing

Certificate in Web Application Penetration Testing is a CPD certified online course accredited by The Institute of Continuing Professional Development in the United Kingdom. The course is tailor-made to prepare students for web application security positions and leading the web application security infrastructure that ensures their safety. Moreover, this online course provides a theoretical and practical learning framework that enables the student to advance professional development in web application penetration testing. In this CPD-certified online course, the students will be presented with a practical and hands-on approach on comprehending the OWASP Top 10 security vulnerabilities, initiating from the environment setup up to the complex security vulnerabilities that are to be exploited.

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“As a student, I am preparing for the industry that I’d like to work for. I really do not know where to start. What areas should I focus on? etc. The course gave me an overview of the knowledge that I need to solidify when it comes to the field. I am grateful once again, and I hope this would help me find the right connections and lead me to a cybersecurity job in the future. Kudos to you guys! ”

Kolapo Agunbiade
Computer Engineering StudentComputer Engineering Student,