CUNITECH Institute Has Expanded the Scope Of CPD Accreditation For Cybersecurity Courses

CUNITECH Institute proudly announces that we have expanded the range of CPD certified Cybersecurity courses delivered via

Ottawa, ON, April 21, 2021 – CUNITECH Institute, a brand of CUNITECH, Inc., is pleased to announce that we have continued to enhance the professional value of the courses that we provide, by acquiring CPD accreditation for several Cybersecurity courses from the Continuing Professional Development certification service.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is important for individuals because it ensures that their professional and academic qualifications do not become obsolete or outdated; enabling individuals to continuously enhance their professional competencies regardless of occupation, age, or educational level. The term CPD describes the learning activities that professionals engage in for developing and enhancing their professional capabilities.

The CPD Certification Service has been operating since 1996 across several industrial spectrums, in collaboration with professional bodies, learning institutions, training providers, and corporate organizations, with the purpose of formally accrediting a huge range of learning opportunities including formal training courses, events, conferences, and workshops.

On top of the previously announced five courses that have earned CPD accreditation, CUNITECH Institute proudly presents the next four courses that have earned the CPD certification, taking the total number of CPD certified courses on CUNITECH Institute to a total of nine (9) courses.

The newly CPD certified courses that can be found on CUNITECH Institute include:

  1. Mobile Application Penetration Testing of Android Applications
  2. Certified CyberSafe Implementer
  3. Cybersecurity Strategy and Risk Management
  4. Certified Cybersecurity Analyst

To achieve the CPD accreditation, CUNITECH Institute has been subjected to a rigorous assessment process that focuses on the development and the delivery of our online courses, as well as the assessing our educational authority, how we collect and utilize feedback, and making sure that the content that we provide is up to date and upgraded with the industrial standards.

Additionally, for more details regarding CUNITECH Institute’s CPD membership, you can check out our profile on CPD UK’s website here.

For further information, please contact us directly at +1-613-800-5579 or drop a line at

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“As a student, I am preparing for the industry that I’d like to work for. I really do not know where to start. What areas should I focus on? etc. The course gave me an overview of the knowledge that I need to solidify when it comes to the field. I am grateful once again, and I hope this would help me find the right connections and lead me to a cybersecurity job in the future. Kudos to you guys! ”

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