Transcending education.
Crafting a better world.

Become a part of an ever-growing community

Transcending education. Crafting a better world.

Become a part of an ever-growing community


We aim to thrive on the interaction and engagement aspects of digital education. The courses have been developed to facilitate a professional and interactive environment for our students to achieve their goals. In the process, you learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives.


Fostering a socially interactive environment that enables individuals to share their knowledge and experiences is a vital aspect of CUNITECH. Our learning community becomes enriched by enabling professionals across the globe to share their experiences and viewpoints.


The courses have been developed by our team of professionals with various backgrounds encompassing cybersecurity, management, and digital transformation. Comprehend the journey, challenges, and opportunities that have shaped the industrial environment and modern leadership.

The Benefits of Studying with CUNITECH

Industry Demanded

The courses provided by CUNITECH are developed to facilitate the professional development of individuals that are willing to become an industry-demanded talent. Benefit from our collection of highly-demanded professional courses encompassing prominent industries for achieving personal success.

Enhanced Quality of Learning

The courses provided on CUNITECH’s platform provide an up-to-standards learning environment for the students to effectively commence their professional development journey at their own desired pace, convenience, and flexibility without having to adhere to external schedules.

Professional Development

Gain a head start on your professional development journey through obtaining valuable skills and knowledge that enhance your professional qualifications. Benefit from our vast array of professionally developed online courses, accredited by the most well-known digital education accreditation providers.

Learning Community

Our digital education platform goes beyond conventional learning mechanisms by providing enhanced means of development, interaction, and engagement. Join our community of diverse learners and benefit from the knowledge, skills, and experiences of our collaborative learning community.

What We Offer

Professional MBA in Cybersecurity

Master Certificate in Cybersecurity

Enhance your professional capabilities through one of the most in-demand cybersecurity programs further enriched by the CPD-accreditation.

Certify yourself as a competent digital transformation leader for your business. We enable our students to capitalize on the benefits that we provide.

Take part in a wide variety of courses encompassing various industries. Develop in-demand skills from a wide array of courses focusing on professional development.

We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world.

Work with Wallencore Lab

Testing Experts

Our Software Testing Services, Cybersecurity Solutions & Services, and the GDPR Technical Compliance Assessment are conducted and performed by our proven team of professionals who adhere to the most prominent testing standards in the industry.


The responsibilities assumed by our team of experts are determined by the client-focused approach where the business relations with our clients are of utmost importance, and we reassure that the commitment to this relationship will be upheld to the highest standards.

Flexibility & Mobility

Our extensive talent of experts enables us to work according to the needs & requirements of our clients, while maintaining the professional standards at any cost. Time and convenience will never be an issue, as our business partnership and client satisfaction are of utmost importance.

Potentially good ROI

Our Functional and Non-Functional Testing services combine strategy, methodology, specialized design techniques and experience to improve the quality and performance of our customers’ applications with a potentially good return on investment and control over effort.

Wallencore Lab’s testing services introduce early testing in the lifecycle to prevent any defects and in detecting these defects early to reduce the overall testing costs, rework costs, and improve the quality of the software applications. Our Functional and Non-Functional Testing services combine strategy, methodology, specialized design techniques and experience to improve the quality and performance of our customers’ applications

Wallencore Lab provides a full suite of information security services and solutions that help define cyber security strategy, identify and remediate threats and risks, select and deploy the right technology, and achieve operational readiness to protect from malicious attack. We serve as a client advocate, holistically addressing information security needs ranging from the program level all the way down to the project level.

Wallencore Lab offers a comprehensive and independent testing method that evaluates and measures the compliance of organizations toward technical specifications of the GDPR. This testing method is based on the GDPR Technical Specifications, which covers two main articles: Article 5 - Principles relating to the processing of personal data, and Article 32 – Security of processing.

Below are some of the diverse affiliations we partner with that validates the work we do every day

Featured Courses

The rapid technological advancements have emphasized the necessity of constantly upgrading professional competencies for individuals of all industries and sectors, and keeping your competencies sharp for the ever-dynamic business environment.

In this course, is explained the scope of cybersecurity, network strategies &  practices to help them become experts at mitigating cyber risks.

This CPD-accredited online course is designed to provide students with the necessary skills to implement the right cybersecurity strategy.

This course  is aimed at peopleseeking to gain a professional certification that exemplifies their capabilities in implementing the security controls.

This course is tailor-made to prepare students for web security positions and leading the web application infrastructure that ensures safety.

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